Getting Free from the Influence of Karma 1( by V Ruzov)

One can read hundreds of treatises on diagnostics of karma and volumes of other esoteric literature, but it is only on the pages of “Sri Isopanisad” that one can gain an understanding of how to become completely free from its influence. These are not just philosophical musings – this is a life-and-death issue. In fact, it’s the only issue deserving attention in this world. What is death? Am I dying? What will be after death? These are all different facets of one and the same problem. If we stick to the opinion that this world is chaos, we are children of chaos and our task is to increase chaos. If this world is harmony, we are children of harmony and our task is to restore and maintain harmony. A simple daily life experience leads us to conclude that the idea of harmony is yet still closer to our hearts. Even in our homes, we try to maintain at least some kind of order. We try not to scatter rubbish around the room – somehow we try to throw it into the dustbin.


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