Getting Free from the Influence of Karma 7( by V Ruzov)

The struggle for life is quite natural. By our constitutional position, we are eternal souls, but when we get into the three-dimensional reality of the material world, we are faced with a problem here. Everything in this material world perishes at one time or another. Anything, whether this be an atom, a table, a chair, a human body, a project – is subject to perish in due course of time. This is a condition of existence in this cross-section of reality. It reminds of a long-distance relay. In a relay, there’s a start, acceleration, tiredness and finish line. Then, there different types of relays: sack racing relays, jumping relays, crawling, obstacle leaping, swimming relays. In a material life, one also has either to swim in a body of a fish or fly in a body of a bird, or to crawl in a body of a snake, or to jump in a body of a hair… This is relay for dear life, and in Sanskrit, it is called samsara, the repeating cycle of birth and death. It represents a peculiar feature of our three-dimensional space.


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