Getting Free from the Influence of Karma 8( by V Ruzov)

We got so much used to this crazy lifestyle that we even take delight in it. Hardly anyone remembers that the first ever eau de cologne was invented as a protective measure against plague. Now we use it for sheer enjoyment. We don’t seem to worry about the problem of birth and death, don’t want to talk about it, although this is the main question to be solved by humans. The cycle of rebirth can be stopped, moreover, it’s the main task standing before human consciousness. All the great thinkers of mankind spoke out on the problem of death. Whatever serious treatise we may take, we can see at least part of it is dedicated to this topic – why everything perishes, what can be done with that, how to get free. And we can make the first steps towards solving the problem of birth and death by stopping to be the cause of death to others. If we stop causing death to children of mother nature, she will change her attitude to us. This is what makes a healthy way of life: ahimsa, or causing minimal harm to all living beings.


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