Getting Free from the Influence of Karma 10( by V Ruzov)

33 new products daily appear on the market; 20 of them are new versions of old items, usually less qualitative ones than their predecessors, and 13 other items are playthings. We simply don’t want to grow up. One reaches adulthood when one becomes able to talk and hear about life and death. If we prefer to get off the subject, our consciousness has stopped at the level of a five-year-old child. We have turned this world into a large sandpit, we play store, play house, although the children are born for real…

This process is otherwise called karma-bandhana, bondage by one’s own work. One has to work for one’s livelihood because that is the law of material nature, but if one falls back on unlawful methods, inflicting pain and suffering on other living entities, one will have to meet with one’s deserts. Mother nature doesn’t like it when children fight one another, and she definitely doesn’t like it when one of them is ready to kill a younger brother for food, even if he/she is very small and can’t talk. Animals are our younger brothers and sisters: for their cruel slaughter comes equal punishment. Otherwise, why does one suffer from illnesses, even though one leads a seemingly good, honorable life?


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