Getting Free from the Influence of Karma 11( by V Ruzov)

On Mondays the number of back injuries increases by 25% and that of heart attacks by 33%. This points to the fact that one is not really happy at work and regards it as no more than just a survival technique in a war against competitors for a warm place in the sun. By the way, the world’s second most traded commodity is coffee. People drink tons of coffee, not knowing how to cope with stress and hectic pace of modern life. Coffee comes in second place after oil, which is the most actively traded commodity. That’s just how we live: oil for iron horses and coffee for ourselves.
As long as one uses violence against his/her close ones, one won’t be able to break free from this relay of life and death. One fine day a person is fed up with all that and decides to get out of this rat race. Generally, this can be done at any time of one’s own free will. The escape is called ahimsa, or a strong desire not to be or any trouble to anyone, and even more so, not to abuse anyone. By making such a decision, one immediately stops racing around our present dimension and begins to transition into a different dimension. This transition is called shanti: one feels lasting peace and contentment. In our present dimension, there’s no peace. There’s constant anxiety. But as soon as one refrains from causing any harm to others, one stops running round, and it immediately makes him/her happy.

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