Getting Free from the Influence of Karma 12( by V Ruzov)

Time has come for us to pause and think about what we are doing. Our way of living causes the earth to shake. Every single minute two earthquakes occur. We consider ourselves the masters of the planet, but over the last 4,000 years humans haven’t domesticated any new wild animal species. What is more, we lost our families, ruined our countries, learnt to differentiate between nations and religious denominations. We became more ill-natured and aggressive. It can’t go on this way, or else we may turn into monkeys again, or someone even worse than that. If we look closer into the matter, we humans are the guests on this planet of insects. Out of 50 mln insect species only 1 mln has been described by scientists. And yet, we search for aliens on the moon, although we’re not quite in the picture about what happens on the planet where we live now…


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