Getting Free from the Influence of Karma 13( by V Ruzov)

At the present time it is widely thought that in youth, one feels happier than in old age. However, the study carried out by researchers from the University of Michigan has shown that the opposite is true. Authors of the study have found that young people have a problem apprehending future happiness and therefore, try to exhaust all pleasures in life while they are still young. This is also the reason why they smoke, drink alcohol, take drugs and have uncontrolled sexual behavior.

However, one feels greater happiness when one has accomplished something, which becomes a reality in more senior years. One can become really effective, capable of giving good advice. This makes him/her wise, needed and thus, happy. People respect such a person and listen out to him/her. These successes minimize the negative effects of old age, such as deterioration of health. In fact, one may not even notice old age when one is much-needed by others.


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