Getting Free from the Influence of Karma 14( by V Ruzov)

How to Achieve Your Desired Goals

In Vedic treatises, achievement of a stated objective is called yoga. We often associate it with asanas, but asanas are only a tiny part of the whole theory of yoga, while its primary purpose is effective goal achievement. Yoga advises us to focus on the present moment, focus on reality to understand what we are doing and how, what we pursue in our present actions.

If we focus on the future, thinking only of the result, it’s possible that in the present we may fall back on dirty methods for its attainment. This is a very dangerous idea. It found its expression in the principle “the ends justify the means”, however, such suspicious methods of attaining happiness can easily become a cause of suffering not only for an executor of an action but for everyone who cooperates with him/her in some way or another.

What does this trap remind you of? Indeed, a new-fangled concept of visualization. It’s very much like meditation and is aimed at expanding one’s intuitive abilities. But do we know all the side effects? Let’s get all this straightened out.


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