Getting Free from the Influence of Karma 15( by V Ruzov)

Adverse Effects of Visualization

Visualization theory says that one should picture oneself as vividly as possible as having already achieved one’s goal. The longer one can keep an image of victory in one’s mind, the closer and more attainable it becomes. It seems that everything is simple and clear. But it invites some questions. We want to change our lives, to change our karma, to change ourselves, but if we engage in visualization, it means that we are interested in the result, not the process. How shall we change then? What do we need these results for? What is the purpose of obstacles that come our way? Indeed, any plans we conceive are the plans of how to overcome obstacles. Obstacles arise along the way to inspire us to change ourselves for the better. Hence, everything points to the fact that visualization is a mere attempt to thwart fate, to apply pressure to get what you want without changing yourself. We want to obtain the looked-for results without changing our character traits. It’s the same as the desire to consume goods without paying for them. But everything has its price — we should work to attain our goals. But we don’t want to work – we want to cheat. I hate to offend anyone but visualization is nothing else than a very subtle, hidden form of deceit.

Let’s take a look back into history. Visualization mental training originated in sports sphere where one strives to increase one’s physical capacities (although, they are not so easily increased; there’s a limit to everything; it is only one tenth or one hundredth of a second that makes a difference). A sportsman, for instance, tries to focus attention further above the bar, for the brain to send out enough impulses for the body to get over the bar. A sportsman works out like that all life long, and thanks to this mental technique improves performance by 1 or 2%. So if we want to get a pay raise of 2%, visualization method will work for us, but if we want a 300% salary hike, it is ill-suited for solving this problem.


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