Getting Free from the Influence of Karma 17( by V Ruzov)

Our plans are not obligated to materialize like we want them to, and thus, we’ll never be able to get the level of pleasant sensations we hoped to get during visualization.

A right-minded person should realize that the result also depends on his/her karma and ultimately, the Absolute Truth. Therefore, it’s quite enough to remember the goal and continue on the path towards it, but what one should focus on are the character qualities needed for its achievement. Why so? It’s because changing our consciousness for the better is within the objectives to be achieved. Even if nothing is working out and the goal doesn’t seem to be getting any closer, if we remain patient, don’t lose temper, don’t work off anger on those around us, we may be said to have practically reached the goal because development of patience is one of the primary tasks standing before us. Any obstacles in our path serve the purpose of helping us to develop patience. This is the main quality of a person on the path of advancement. Without it, we won’t be able to progress on the spiritual path rapidly enough and for long.


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