Getting Free from the Influence of Karma 18( by V Ruzov)

All Things Are Topsy-Turned

It’s an open secret that we ourselves are the aliens who require careful examination. Can a master born in his own home behave the way we behave? Will he spoil air, water, pollute the soil or destroy relationships with kith and kin? It is obvious that we act like guests here who don’t want to take responsibility for their actions. Imagine that your child invited all his classmates to a house party. So our planet also looks like a wreck after the party with aliens, although, strange to say, aliens are we ourselves…

What should we understand to get out of this vicious circle? The laws of karma, of course. Only in a human form of life is it possible to study, understand and apply this knowledge to life. We all have a chance to get free from the chains of karma. We only think we are free – we were born in the shackles, the shackles of karma. It’s time to break free! We are strong! Strength is measured based not on the amount of weight lifted, but on the nearness to the Absolute Truth. The closer one is to understanding the Truth, the stronger one is. Karma, akarma and vikarma are described in the Bhagavat-gita treatise.

Actions that are performed in terms of one’s prescribed duties, healthy living, honesty, carefulness, faithfulness and cleanliness are called karma. Actions that free one from the cycle of birth and death and enable one to enter the other reality are called akarma. And actions that are performed through the misuse of one’s freedom and that direct one to the lower life forms are called vikarma, or sinful actions. These include violence, stealing, dishonesty, uncleanliness, gambling and debauchery.


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