Getting Free from the Influence of Karma 19( by V Ruzov)

It’s hard to escape an interesting conclusion: no matter whether one behaves well or badly, it doesn’t make any conceptual difference. The core problem of material existence remains unsolved because one only changes his/her position in this reality, but doesn’t go beyond its limits. Both for a good and a bad person access to a different dimension is closed. It’s just that a bad person gets on ill and a good person gets on well in this world, but they both have to undergo old age, disease, death and rebirth.

Therefore, of the three types of action (karma, akarma, vikarma) an intelligent person prefers that which frees one from the bondage to karma. Ordinary people wish to perform good work in order to be recognized and achieve some higher status of life in this world, to earn more, to get ill less frequently and less severely etc. But more advanced people want to be free altogether from the actions and reactions of work. Intelligent people know well that both good and bad work equally bind one to the material miseries. Consequently they seek that work which will free them from the reactions of both good and bad work. Such liberating work is specifically described in the pages of Sri Isopanisad.


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