Getting Free from the Influence of Karma 20( by V Ruzov)

This miraculous state of akarma that removes our handcuffs is based on knowledge we got from the previous verse. After we understand that this world is not ours and nothing belongs here to us, we should come to realize that we don’t belong here: we are neither from this planet, nor any other planet of the material world. We came down here from anti-world, the world of anti-matter, of eternity, knowledge and bliss. Extra-mundane information currently known as Vedic literature descended thereupon. By studying it, we can remember who we are, where we hail from, and thus, start making our way back home. The instructions of Sri Isopanisad are more elaborately explained in the Bhagavat-Gita, sometimes called the Gitopanisad, the cream of all the Upanisads.

A Funny Story

A prominent scholar died and his soul appeared before God. Charmed by the amount and depth of his own knowledge, the scholar announced impudently to the Lord, “We, the people of science, have reached the conclusion that we no longer need You! We have grasped all Your secrets and know everything that You know: we can transplant a heart or any other organ of the body, we know how to clone people, make new species of animals and plants… In other words, we can do everything that was once considered miraculous and was attributed to Your wisdom and omnipotence.”
The Lord listened patiently to the presumptuous scholar’s tirade of self-praise and, when he stopped talking, offered to him:
“All right! Let’s conduct a little competition in creativity to see whether mankind still needs Me or not.”
“Great,” replied the scholar, “What do you want me to do?”
“Let’s go back to the very beginning and make the first man, Adam.”
“Excellent!” replied the scholar and bent over to scoop up a handful of dust.
“Hey, not so fast!” said God and stopped him, “You use your own dust, and don’t touch Mine!”


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