Getting Free from the Influence of Karma 21( by V Ruzov)

The Concept of “Isavasya”

However, in the lower stages of life one cannot completely stop fruitive work at once. We are accustomed to working for sense gratification – for our own selfish interests, immediate or extended.

When a person works selflessly for the benefit of society, having the good of other people at heart, he/she is called an altruist. Altruism being a counterpart to selfishness conceals many puzzles. In the main, it leaves us questioning Darwin’s theory because natural selection is bound to be selfish and conduce only to those changes that benefit a species. In “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection” Darwin writes, “…conformably with my theory, the instinct of each species is good for itself, but has never, as far as we can judge, been produced for the exclusive good of others.” In “The Descent of Man” he acknowledges that interpretation of altruism does present a problem. Darwin’s followers tried hard to explain altruism, but for the scientific community, the arguments are not quite tenable.

When principles of social equality, freedom and justice, as well as social system embodying these principles are put forward as an ideal and a goal, people upholding these principles are called socialists. The term “socialism” appeared in the second half of the nineteenth century, although, historically, the concept dates back to ancient ideas of “golden age” that are described in the ancient Vedic treatises and can be found in all spiritual systems. The further development of “higher stage” of socialism is communism, which implies abnegation of private property.

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