Getting Free from the Influence of Karma 23( by V Ruzov)

The Greatest Misfortune

If somehow or other one misses the spiritual opportunity afforded by the human form of life and falls down again into the evolutionary cycle of samsara, one must be considered most unfortunate. Therefore, Sri Isopanisad advises us to exert our energy in the spirit of isavasya. It means that some way or other, all our efforts should nurture our spiritual growth. This is what makes real cosmoenergetics. Any activity, executed in this kind of mood, becomes karma-yoga. It guarantees its executor protection from the danger of sliding down into the evolutionary process of birth and death. Even though such God-centered activities may be half-finished, they are still good for the executor because they will guarantee him/her a human form in the next life. In this way, one can have another chance to improve his/her position on the path of liberation.

Being so engaged, we may wish to live for many, many years; otherwise a long life in itself has no value. A tree lives for hundreds and hundreds of years, but there is no point in living a long time like trees, or breathing like bellows, or begetting children like hogs and dogs, or eating like camels. A humble God-centered life is more valuable than a colossal hoax of a life dedicated to godless altruism or socialism.
How to attain such a state of consciousness?

First of all, it must be understood that our activities can be directed towards the Absolute Truth only if we perform them in the spirit of the Absolute Truth. Since the Truth is full of happiness, we should at least maintain a cheerful attitude. It means our negative thought patters should be changed to positive, hope-filled thinking. For this purpose we should use psychological boosters. Many of them have been known for a long time, e.g.:

— It’s not that a loved one is late for a date – it’s just that he/she is delayed due to exigent circumstances.
— A loved one is as stubborn as a mule – a loved one is farseeing and consistent, and always tries to follow through on his/her plans.
— It’s not that a loved one overeats late at night – it’s just that he/she recharges his/her batteries after hard work for the sake of the family;
— A loved one doesn’t suffer from memory loss – he/she is just a simple, forgiving person who bears no grudges.
— It’s not that a loved one spreads rumors – he/she only tries to consult with as many experts as possible to find the best solution to a problem.
— A loved one does not make mistakes – he/she tries various options to make you (his/her partner) happy and rich, sometimes even putting his/her own life and reputation at risk.
— A loved one is not dead from the neck up – he/she is none other than a creative individual who is not in a hurry to reveal his/her plans before he/she has finished his/her work.
— A loved one does not laze away — especially when he/she is sleeping, he/she is taking rest before accomplishing a feat for the sake of his/her close ones.
— It’s not that your loved one is deceitful – he/she is thoughtful of your health and nervous system in inescapable situations.
— It cannot be that a loved one is indecisive – he/she simply mulls problems over until he/she is able to find economically advantageous solutions that are win-win for all.
— A loved one doesn’t shout or make scenes – he/she tries to protect you from fatal mistakes by making their discussion memorable.
It’s a pity people today have a fear of losing each other only when they stand in a line…


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