Miracles of consciousness


Consciousness can sometimes do miracles, work marvels. It’s a trending topic today. Everyone talks about it, but it’s a fact: consciousness is sometimes at the level of a miracle. It can turn matter into anti-matter. Some unusual things happen, sometimes even in everyday situations. I will tell you a story.

A husband came home exhausted after a hard day. His wife was there, concocting something, mixing chemicals together. She was a chemist and took work home with her, like you know, there are different professions, there are crop specialists, there’s pesticide chemistry, Chemicals are mixed up in containers and then sold. There are many variants of how this can be done. So the wife was mixing something in the kitchen, and the husband, since he was awfully tired, went to sleep right away. At night, he got up to drink some of his favorite carrot juice. In a half-awake half-asleep state, he went to the kitchen to the place where they kept juice; gropingly found a glass jar, drank it and went to bed again. He slept until the screams of his wife awakened him. “Who has drunk my poison?” she yelled. A jar of juice was left untouched, and the jar of chemicals was empty. They called an ambulance, and ambulance doctors began to perform a stomach lavage. How do you think what they found in the stomach? There was carrot juice there.

Love is in the soul. Spiritual scriptures confirm that. There is love in the soul, and the soul spreads its energy throughout the entire body in the form of consciousness. Therefore, consciousness can sometimes also do wonders. [Source: http://audioveda.ru/audio?id=2969


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