Happy New Year!


With much gratitude – Happy New Year 2016! I cannot express in words how happy I am that the Lord has allowed me to be in your community and serve you in the clumsy way, which I somehow capable of!

In these holidays, I would like to share those thoughts that I got while ago, preparing a seminar on astrological predictions for 2016, the year of the negative Mars. I remembered a story about one principal, who sent a letter to each  teacher he hired. The letter read: “Dear teacher! … I survived the concentration camp, my eyes have seen what no one should see in a lifetime:
– Scientists, engineers built the gas chambers;
– Qualified doctors poison children;
– Trained nurses kill babies;
– University graduates shoot and burn women and children …
Therefore, I do not trust education. I ask you: help students become human. Your efforts must never lead to scientist monsters, trained psychopaths, educated Eichmann. Reading, writing, arithmetic are important only when they help our children become more HUMAN. ”

And in this New 2016 it will be as important as ever to be a HUMAN, stay a HUMAN and help others to keep faith in humanity. What is a HUMAN? The materialists say that human – it sounds proud! And we say that a human – it sounds … humble. Humble, because if we relax, at any moment we could lose our human face and instead may receive a “durmukha” inhumane animal grin. Every time this year when I suddenly would want to raise my voice, snap, proudly laugh or just give an angry look at another person, I have to remember that then on my face reflected  one of the 8 million “mugs” I “wore” in the cycle of birth and death. The Lord has allowed me to become a human, but maybe that’s just a test, testing in a single tester-life. He is closely watching me from the heart – if I am ready for this gift in the form of a human face, which is to express humility, friendship and love?

So let us at this New Year  time give a simple but at the same time saving vow – to be humans in any situation that will arise in this difficult period of time, which will be a test of our commitment to be humans, humble humans, friendly humans and loving humans! Happy New Year of HUMANITY to you folks!

Your humble servant, Vyacheslav Ruzov, a servant trying to become a human ..


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