The frog story


Several frogs were leaping through the forest, heading for their frog businesses, when two of them fell into a deep hole. All the other frogs surrounded the pit, deciding how can they help their comrades. When they saw how deep the pit was, they were in horror. They agreed that it was hopeless and told the two frogs that they had better prepare themselves to their destiny, because they are already almost dead.
Unable to accept this terrible fate, two frogs began to jump up as high as they could. Some frog screamed into the pit that it was useless and that they would not be in this situation if you were more careful, more obedient to the laws of the frogs and more responsible. The rest of the sad frogs continued to advise to stop trying, because they are already dead. Two frogs continued to jump up struggling, and after several hours of desperate attempts they were completely exhausted.
In the end, one of the frogs paid attention to the cries of its friends. Lowering its hand, it quietly decided on the fate, lay on the bottom of the pit and died, while others watched helplessly. The other frog continued to jump, though its body ached with pain, and it was completely exhausted. Comrades from the top again began to call on it to accept fate, to stop bringing pain to self  and  just die.
Emaciated frog jumped harder and harder, and – wonder of wonders! – In the end, it jumped so high that popped out of the pit. Amazed, frogs celebrated this miraculous deliverance. Then crowded around they began to ask: “Why did you continue to jump, even though we told you it was impossible?” Reading their lips, astonished frog explained – I am deaf, and when I saw your gestures and cries, I thought, that you are cheering me. All this was seen as a support, inspiring the frog to try harder to get out and win.
This simple story has a powerful meaning. The book of proverbs says: “In the power of the tongue lies life and death.” Your destructive words can cause deep wounds, they can become a weapon, destroying someone’s desire to continue to make attempts – or even their lives. Your destroying careless words can humiliate someone in the eyes of others,  break their reputation and have a lasting impact on the attitude of the society towards this person. Your encouraging words can cheer someone and help him/her stay that way every day.
Be careful what you say. Incredible strength lies in the words. If you have the words of kindness, praise and encouragement, then you say them right away. Listen to your heart and answer. Someone somewhere is waiting for your words (from a lecture HH BVG Maharaja ).


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