The Supreme Person (excerpt from chapter 65 from 108 Ways To Become Happy by V.O.Ruzov)

file000281506260We all want to meet God, but in order to walk on this path, it is necessary to know exactly where it starts. Who can give us a guaranty that we have started this journey , and  are moving on. It is necessary to know exactly where the starting point of this path of self-realization, how does it look, in other words, how does it all begin. And  our journey to God begins from the point that we accept Him as a person. This is the very door in which we need to enter. In fact – this is the faith. Before the appearance of faith, our minds were filled up with junk memories from the past, and the past we have has been very busy, and we used to be rabbits and camels, and wise men and criminals. And all these memories are great trash pile , which is in our head. And suddenly it flashes light, the light of God’s mercy, which we get from communicating with those who have already accepted God as a Person. And it is the light of faith in the Personality of Godhead becomes our hope that we can get out of this world, in spite of all our trash in the head, which we have collected so hard for millions of births.[…]
So, today we have learned an interesting thing – the spiritual path begins with hearing about the Personality of Godhead, this is a spiritual path goes, and that is how it ends. The first question at the time of suffering – who is to blame? And now we know the answer – it is not God’s fault, it is my fault that I do not see Personality in God. And the second question always is – what to do? Learn to see the personality of God through hearing about Him from the person – a spiritual master. And spiritual teacher explains to us that to understand God’s plans is impossible, we can only accept. So do not worry too much that happens in our lives, it is improving or getting worse, we have to worry about only one thing – do I keep listening and hearing about God’s personality, or again begin to think about some silly things. Yes, a tremendous secret of spiritual practice is that no matter how we learned about the Personality of Godhead, this person will not change. So we can intercommunicate with this individual only one way – accepting it as it is. And that will be the solution to all our problems, because any problem in this world, it is either not admitting that God is a Person or a rejection of the will of the Personality. And when we realize that our problems – it is the will of God, these difficulties become a bliss for us! We do not know how God would behave towards us in the next moment – and it makes our life beautiful and amazing! This is our faith: God protects us, but in what way, through pain or pleasure – it’s His decision and we gladly accept it!


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