APRIL Astro-Forecast (by Anna Semyonova, Dean of Astro-Ved School of Astrology)

IMG_6867April – a month of authority self-assertion, which means that we will see a lot of the power struggle, unfortunately hard one, and perhaps even with severe consequences for those who participate in it.

Therefore, in ordinary relationship competition for a place under the sun, and the struggle for leadership will exacerbate. And if in the past month it was a struggle of ideas, than now it may go down to a simple natural selection. The motto of April is “Survival of the fittest.”

We sould exercise particular caution in family relationships. April dictates black-and-white perception of the actions of others, thus we run the risk of no longer understanding our loved ones. Such an approach is especially dangerous if the family is not well. There may be a desire to punish others and loved ones for the smallest offenses, taking any misbehavior as disobedience to our will. Our decisions can take politicized, dishonest tone.

In early April, a year of negative Mars fully comes into its right, and therefore it is very important to start it in such a way so we will not let the aggressive part of our nature to dictate its terms to us. It is obvious that the main recommendation would be not to watch TV this month …

Oh, how difficult it would be to refrain from anger. Remember this simple rule: be angry not with the patient, but with the disease, because they are, in our strange time, so easily confused …

However, this month we will see a lot of victories. April will also give strength to successfully complete what we have started, to protect the weak, to address social issues, and most importantly – attract followers and with them achieve any results no matter what!

April is the month of focus on a specific, clear and solid result, that does not tolerate ignorance, laziness, sentimentality. As they say in school “on an A+.” This means this month we can plan to find solutions even the most serious matter that requires high impact, skill, concentration, logic and responsibility. It is also good to begin the most difficult and global tasks like spring cleaning. The physical work and sports will really come in handy and help remove heavy thoughts, if it will come. It is good to do swimming and have contact with water. This will calm the mind and have a therapeutic effect.

And since we know that the most important work in this world – it is work on betterment of the inner self, we will get the best results if we continue to cultivate the right spiritual outlook on life. When we will remember that nothing in this world belongs to us and we will depart empty-handed, then we will realize that only our piety will stand next to us at that moment. If we do not drive it away right now, of course …


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