Month of June prediction/analysis (by Anna Semyonova)

file0001457574320.jpgJune – a month of battles with the duality of perception in our minds. This duality will hinder us to find a foothold, will make us wander among the many concepts, ideas, opinions and advice in attempts to arrive at least to some conclusion. This is the time when people, tired of endless exploration and debate, conclude that each person should have their own truth, and that’s fine … But others do not agree with this. And in the mind of such a person appears a treacherous condition of divorce …

The triumph of the principle of tolerance (which will be difficult to resist) certainly will manifest in planting some o’k-ing laws. However, the opposition “for” and “against” can only increase at all levels, and the people should expect a lot of dirty info. It is necessary to be afraid of any dirt which may manifest through speech. Swearing, black humor, black PR, a lot of roughness and stinging words. And it can be poured into a public plane. So be careful and do not get involved in such things (no gossip!) And watch the cleanliness of your own actions and reputation that no one could to do it to you. Especially do not let “well-wishers” into your family.

If we are to make a joke on this theme, the motto of the month: “The main thing is – do not spill!” Each of us has something in our mind, unfortunately, that might be spilled on the others, so that’s our goal – to thread carefully, that is, to remain sane.
By the way, even without words, our activity in this period is literally in front of everybody. It is very good for the developing person, because it will enable one to set an example of proper behavior in any situation. Therefore, live this month as if you are constantly watched by elevated people whom you respect and whose opinion is very important to you and you do not want to disappoint them.

The modern principle of tolerance persuades us that the person is free to do whatever one wants, provided that no one sees. If you do not disturb others by your pleasures, and you can satisfy yourself in such a way that no one is bothered, than it is considered to be the perfection. But the spiritually advanced people will never forget that God is in their heart, and sees not only each action, but also each thought that comes to mind. Therefore, remember that in this world everything is to the view. And again, no divorce, no matter how convincing an argument you can find for this!


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