After talking to one of my coaching clients I realized how  very few people practice gratitude as part of their daily spiritual practice. It refers us to regularity again 🙂 .

We are taking/using so many things in this world – sunlight and the warmth, air, fragrances of the flowers,all the colors of the nature, abilities of our body. How often do we remember to give back our gratitude?

Some say, it just thoughts or words, and they don’t mean anything to the world. But we know that every thought is an energy, and words are even more powerful. Add to it that energy is never lost in this universe (who said this? Newton or, may be Einstein).

I invite you to create a Gratitude Diary. Take a journal, notebook or even use your planner and write what are you thankful for today. It may be just one word, does not have to be complicated.

Do it, and watch yourself and the whole world around become happier.

If you found this interesting, questionable or inspiring, please, share with your friends and/or discuss it here in the comments!


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