Non-violence means…


There are so many types of violence and the utter most is taking life of another. But it only seems to be easy and straight forward. If we take the Sanskrit word it would be ahimsa – not causing harm/ hurt to others.

And if we accept that all living beings (animals included) can feel pain and fear, than the next logical step would be apply this non-violence principle to them too. As I say this, to my my mind come Greenpeace and Animal Rights fighters, that try to protect one type of the animals and their wellbeing, and then go for lunch and eat other type of animals(killed for them), that rings of hypocrisy  to me. The whole situation leaves me puzzled and amazed by their way of thinking and perception f the world.

And this is only physical level. There are two more levels of words and thoughts.

How many times each of us devoured/killed others by acid comments or harsh jokes. We will never know for those victims – self-esteem,hope, trusting so on are often die invisible.

The mind level is even more uncommon to be observed. There, inside, where there is no outward  control or witness of our actions (or so it seems) we really go wild and do anything and everything. But a thought is an energy and the energy that acts.

Now I have to say that controlling the body is relatively easy, controlling the speech is way more difficult, and controlling the mind is the most difficult. But it is possible, or at least  we will progress some IF WE TRY!

If you found this interesting, questionable or inspiring, please, share with your friends and/or discuss it here in the comments!


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