Food, energy and karma

saladEvery action in this world has a reaction or consequence, some call it a boomerang law, some call it karma.

Everything  and every thing in this world made of some kind of energy.

Every living being in this world has to eat to stay alive. For the most the food options are restricted by nature. We (people) are just very small and very lucky portion that can choose    what we eat, based on our knowledge, attitude and intelligence.

There are only three main types/modes of energy and their innumerous combinations. And all that exists is made and carries qualities of one or more of these types.

The modes/gunas are called Sattva or Goodness, Rajas or Passion and Tamas or Ignorance/Darkness. There also is Nirguna – energy that does belong neither to any of the above types, nor to this material world. Food also can be in the three modes.

Food in the mode of ignorance is”prepared more than three hours before being eaten, tasteless, decomposed and putrid, and food consisting of remnants and untouchable things”. Untouchable things contain alcohol (it blinds the intelligence) or obtained by killing of innocent creatures.

Foods in the mode of passion “are too bitter, too sour, salty, hot, pungent, dry and burning.. Such foods cause distress, misery and disease.”

Food “in the mode of goodness increase the duration of life, purify one’s existence and give strength, health, happiness and satisfaction. Such foods are juicy, fatty, wholesome, and pleasing to the heart.” Those are milk products, grains, fruits and vegetables. Fatty food mentioned here has no relation to violence.

Now it is your informed decision – what to eat. And since everything is connected, with the food you choose specific energy and accept the results of your choice.

You may ask me – what about nirguna? Well, if you take items from mode of Goodness, prepare them with love and offer it to Absolute/God/ Supreme Intelligence with gratitude  – the food (if you do it with pure heart) should become transcendental.

All the quotes are from Bhagavad Gita As It Is by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

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