We are what we TAKE IN – 2

WE ARE.jpgYes, usually it is said “We are what we eat” and people read labels and ingredients all the time (way to go!), but … research has it – whatever our skin touches, all the ingredients, get into the blood flow in three minutes. Think of soaps and creams.

Lets get more subtle and influential. What we breath in – nose is the only organ that connected directly to the brain. That is why the aromatherapy is so powerful. Smells are very much related to the emotions and the later ones are often influence our decisions.  And again the air is the most essential element for living.

Level up. What we see – affects our mind set. It can be uplifting or degrading. It becomes object of our mind’s attention – and that is already an involuntary meditation  – that’s how advertising banners work. If we do not control what we look at, it will control what we think.

To the top. What we hear – this is food for our mind. Here again – we are what we eat. So what we hear – that is what we TAKE IN. We think it – we digest it! And then it is in our system – we behave based on that, it takes part in our paradigm. The most influential thing – sound! All the negative emotions, destructive, egoistic and exploiting ideas  are the poisonous and dirty food items for our consciousness. What are you listening to/about?

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