What is the Goal of your Life?


If I would ask this question in real conversation many people will have difficult time giving an answer.

It seems so natural to know the destination when we start moving, either we go there by car or any other transportation. We know the gaol of every tiny action we do, but the MOST IMPORTANT thing -our life itself- just seems to be absolutely neglected.

Our path is so clear and obvious – school -> college -> work -> retirement. And it is so easy in the whirlpool of daily duties to split our mind between stress and relaxation without any remainder.

Work and other stresses press us and give no choice, but to think about them. But resting time give us so much choice – with chips and TV, read for pleasure, surf social networks and Internet in general, chat on the phone or otherwise. The mind tells us to relax, because tomorrow is another hard week or day, we need the strength…

The question is- “What are you doing this for?” and I don’t mean the small survival reasons like, I work because we need money to live, for everyone gets it without asking questions.

Athatho dharma-jignasa – Now is the time to ask questions about ultimate goal of life

Have you thought about it already?

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