Vedic astro-forecast for October – part 1 (by Anna Semyonova)

The main energy of October is a desire for purity. Around us there is so much dirt and nonsense, it begins to annoy. Even the most steeped in sin can stop and think again, or at least to think about what s/he was doing. And there is only one thing needed  – the presence of (even a small grain of) honesty in the heart. And sincerity reacts to sincerity, therefore, the quality of sincerity should be our foundation in all our relations in October. If you want to change something – be sincere.

Sincerity will force many of us to look for something new. You will see the long-awaited desire for change. Perhaps even expectation of a miracle, that should happen and bring an update. People are tired of suffering, and when they are given a ray of hope, they are happily hold onto it. Indeed, in October, especially the first half of it can bring us to the solution of many problems, good luck and unexpected lightness in matters that have seemed difficult and even unsolvable.

This means that many things will come to hand, horizons become wider, trees – larger, and we – younger.  We certainly are not going to get younger, but at this time we can feel ten years younger in every sense. This is when you can start a new large-scale projects, which were difficult to execute in previous months due to the obstacles and delays. In October, you can easily achieve goals and really expand the horizons of your influence. Relationships can start to improve and friends to return. There will be new grounds for cooperation, especially in politics, business and religious projects. However, we must not forget that this positive period still takes place within a year of negative Mars , which means that you need to make sure that this cooperation does not go into the area “being  friends against someone.”

This month will give also some impatience in the implementation of plans. Whenever things start to go well after stagnation, people tend to lose the skill of  waiting patiently for the result, while laboring on it’s achievement. Unfortunately, along with appearance of  the ease  attachment to the results comes back. Generally  October will push toward excess, so you have to follow the diet and control all other aspects of life, where the excesses are usually shown. Desires simply multiply. In general, we should not forget about moderation!


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