Vedic astro-forecast for October – part 2 (by Anna Semyonova)

63e975223d52308de0881c564b6f5a62In general, you can expect the manifestation of large ambitions, and, importantly, during this period a person can achieve the goal by the shortest and direct way. Just as the appetite comes with eating, the same way these goals will multiply, as though from a cornucopia … So our task is not to waste the potential of October in pursuit of fantasies emerging in our brain. It is better to make a plan (of what you want to do or start this month) in advance  and stick to it no matter that would come to mind during the process. As they say, any success has to be prepared.

Rule of Conduct in October is as follows: “The higher a sense of moderation/proportion a person has , the greater the chances for the realization of opportunities.” When things go smoothly, we forget our place and believe that we deserve it, but this thanklessness is what prevents us feel real happiness from the things done. Our ingratitude to God is like a filter, that do not allow the happiness into our hearts. So, we must try to thank both God and the people around us who bring us the opportunities. In our case, more likely those will be some senior and very important persons, and also women.

October will bring the need for peace and love of order. Therefore, attempts  of reconciliation will continue, but there is concern it will not be enough. Nevertheless, some problems, of course, we will be able to solve, and beautifully, efficiently. Month’s energy pushes us to search for unusual, original solutions that are also very expensive. How can I use this time in a relationship? A good phase for new agreements, clarification of  expectations, and reducing  of inconsistency. And also to convince your spouse  to go to some trips, making purchase, updates, celebrations. Perfect time for joint pilgrimages.

Disputes and disagreements this month, if happen, can lead to nervous exhaustion and, as a consequence, colds or other problems of the immune system. Therefore, your health depends on your own ability to keep the peace. As it goes in the “Buchenwald alarm”song : “People of the world! Let the vigilance be tripled! Take care of the peace! Take care of the peace! Protect, protect, protect the peace! ”

And in the world to the first place will come the issues of preserving the institution of marriage, juvenile justice and similar problems. October, in addition to the traditional approach to the understanding and promotion of values, will bring more understanding of a sense of duty, and therefore, it will be easier to save the family for the family coaches. We can talk to people about various duties and responsibilities, of duty that person fulfills during a whole lifetime and that way s/he grows through the loyalty and stability, and people will listen to us, understand, and agree!

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