How often do you feel upset or offended?


We only can feel offended and insulted if we are proud. We may even phrase that we feel good about some aspect of anything related to us – it may be some skill, amount of money, talent, knowledge, any kind of achievement, looks. So when someone doubts it or does not agree with our evaluation or level of it, then there we go…

So, being in the mood of student – humble and understanding… that no one can be perfect or know everything even on one subject matter, that other people don’t have to take our self-evaluation into account, that whatever  related to me ( as a body or mind ) is actually temporary.

If someone doubts our spiritual level and we get offended, it means that we are proud of our spirituality and that itself disqualifies us of that level. Remember the saints – they all were very humble – seeing own imperfections and glorifying others.

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