The Next Level of Happiness …Anyone?



To make sure that you have really moved to the second level of intelligence and, consequently,to the second level of happiness, you need to pass an additional exam. It is the correct response to the positive effects that come as a result of my activities.

Intelligent  person, when it comes to the positive results, does not  consider only him/her-self as the cause of the victory. S/he understands that the other factors are there – other people, destiny (daiva), and God.

Then only we can treat properly negative consequences. And if, when it happen, we do not look for the guilty, and take full responsibility, then we move to the second level of happiness.

In the Bhagavad-gita it is said that if we would not greatly rejoice upon achieving something pleasant ,  it will allow us not to be much upset or lament upon achieving something pleasant.

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