On the OM mantra – 2


In the Yoga Sutras it is said that the Om mantra is associated with Ajna-chakra , which in our time is called the third eye. Indeed, our eyes are controlled by our mind, so they do not bring us much good, because they see only what we like. A cat sees a mouse, a dog sees a cat, a woman sees a man and a man sees a car … With the help of intelligence we have to takeover control of our eyes from the  mind and begin to see what is really useful to us, something that is really contributes to our spiritual development, what makes us closer to our own happiness. Therefore, the true vision starts with Ajna-chakra, i.e. with internal changes, when I try to look at the world through the eyes of the wise ones, through the eyes of the scriptures, through the eyes of those who have already taken power over the self.


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