Days of the week

Dear friends, this is my first book for kids as well as adults. There is a deep wisdom for you and simple learning for children.

We learn the best by taking information, dwelling on it and coming to our very own conclusion, thus creating an inner experience. Than only it becomes a part of our own wisdom and we gain the ability use it in any circumstances of life.

Here is a story that can become the part of your inner experience and base for one more pool of wisdom in your consciousness.

Are you bored to do what you have to do again and again day after day? Have you ever thought to yourself, why me, why I have to do it?

The life gave this place because it is the best place for you to learn something very essential for moving on.

Find out what did Sun learned about his place in life.

If you have a young child, this book will make it easy to learn the names and sequence of the days of the week. And you always can discuss the adventure too. For wisdom comes not with age…

Ebook available here




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