Religion vs pure spirituality?

2e6aad47118d77a0a160d663eedb6f76.jpgA trend of our time is to take away the outer part and focus only on the essence. People are fed up with politics, and they want the organization without form, an organization consisting only of an idea, but it’s impossible. The essence is like water, and the form is similar to a glass, and if I want to drink, I ask to bring me some water. But for some reason they bring me the glass also. No, I asked for water, why did you bring me a glass – but without the glass water  is impossible to bring… So people want spirituality without formalities, spirituality without the organization, but this is illusion, it is the desire to be independent. So it  would not do without religion, but we have to have a good understanding what religion actually is. And in order to understand what religion is, you have to answer one very important question: Why do I need a religion, what I want from it? I want to solve financial problems or spiritual? And I understand that the solution will be different from what I imagine it would be?

Typically, everyone goes first through a stage of the believing materialist. They seem to follow religion, but want to solve their material problems for the health and prosperity. Then they take an interest in knowledge, and their motive gets higher. They are now wondering how to solve all the problems of the existence – this is called the desire of liberation or peace. And only at the third level  the person gets the desire to establish a personal relationship with God. This is the purest motive in the religious life, because such people are not selfish. Such people are rare. And these three motives (karma, jnana and bhakti) can be found in every tradition. So the matter is not the religion, it’s in us. Because real progress it is not an administrative progress. It is not the progress of initiations. The real progress is a progress of motives. (V. Ruzov)

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