Potato and Swiss Chard Curry — by VEGAN FOOD FOR PEACE

Here’s a delicious and easy dish that seems, incidentally, to touch on all the reasons why I write this blog! Firstly, I’m not writing a ‘cheffy’ blog…there are people who do that incredibly well already, and I’m not one of them. I hope that I’m offering recipes that provide ordinary, everyday, tasty, nutritional, economical solutions to cooking […]

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Celery and Butterbean Gratin. — by VEGAN FOOD FOR PEACE

The star of this dish is a versatile Mediterranean-style sauce …. using preserved lemons. Gratin originated in French cuisine, and traditionally uses vegetables cooked in a cream sauce, and topped with crispy brown crust, which can be toasted under the grill. A while ago I made a jar of preserved lemons, however, you can buy […]

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Living “Well Isn’t Against the Law” e-book by V Ruzov

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Hello, Friends!

On the picture above you can see the contents of the book I was publishing from. I Have the author’s permission to publish just a few more chapters. If you are interested in getting the full content click here . Have a happy Independence Day!