About us

Life’s Workshop is for everybody who is interested in real change of life. This is the first and only (for now) branch of  ”Balance” club in USA (San Diego, CA).  Official page of the original Russian ”Balance” club  www.ruzov.ru.  The head of the educational “Balance” Club is Vyacheslav Olegovich Ruzov.

Club has FREE membership. We invite everyone to join us for discussions on the topics of interest, live and on-line.


Vyacheslav Olegovich Ruzov is widely known in Russia and abroad, as the writer who has published more than 30 books-studies of soul, search of goal of life, purpose of man, happiness, love and lofty relationship. In these works, he uses his unique experience of the traveler who has made a numerous research expeditions to the Himalayas and other mystical places of the world. (Moscow). Thousands of listeners called Vyacheslav Olegovich master of metaphors due his amazing ability to connect incompatible ideas and images into one.

Some consider him the genius of paradox who can masterfully lead his audience to the unexpected conclusions.

Vyacheslav Olegovich has a unique style of lecturing. He makes complicated things simple, his lectures are easy to understand and have a trace of humor. They are interesting for everyone without exception, irrespective of one’s education and social status.

 He has given about 4 000 lectures in more than 40 cities in Russia and abroad and has never repeated himself – this fact is  a miracle by itself.

Ruzov is an international brand created more than 20 years ago.

One could say that his lectures in Russia and abroad, books, CDs, “Our Family” festivals, School of Lecturers or the  “Koladwip” Astrology School , everything produced by Ruzov and his “Balance” club has quality certificate.

In order to get to know India’s cultural and spiritual heritage Vyacheslav Olegovich visits it every year; there he studies ancient Vedic knowledge of the laws of the world order under guidance of the sages. Vyacheslav Olegovich shares it generously with his audience.The most renowned subjects of his lectures are prosperity laws, creation of a successful and happy family, and also spiritual development of the person.

If you are interested or have any questions please contact  us allafox999@yahoo.com


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