Be the light and make moments glorious!

With lots of love 💕
The Balance Club .


It’s a privilege !


Acknowledge someone’s importance in your life. To be with that person, have some place in their life is truly a privilege.

Have you ever thought about it? They give you a place, a space and some part of their life time! I can hardly imagine something  more valuable than time and attention .

Let us appreciate it today!






Sun tangled in leaves, pristine snow, cleansing of rain, vastness of ocean, warmness of sand, smile of a person, friendliness of the dog – each one or anything else can be your charger and make your day. Yesterday in my morning 10-mins-mediation i saw a man who drove and parked, then almost run to the ocean view place, stood for a minute and rushed back. I was so impressed. May be he has a resolution to came to ocean every day or make a charging for the self – I don’t know, but he  did not miss that day! Let us too not miss our daily opportunities to charge the self, even if it is as small as just few moments.

What charges you?

Thinking of….

Whatever we think of our mind comes in contact with just like our hands.

Touch the dirt and hand gets dirty, touch water and get clean.

In the same way we acquire the quality of our meditation object.

So what do you meditate upon most of the time – actions, words, behavior, people’s character – is it lifting you up?


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