Nails and Holes

homeslider3There once was a very short-tempered young man.
One day his father gave him a bag full of nails and said: “Every time when you can not hold back your anger hammer one nail in the garden fence.”
On the first day in the fence were several dozen nails. A week later, the young man learned to restrain himself, and with each passing day the number of hammered nails began to decrease. The young man realized that to control his temper is easier than to drive nails.
Finally, the day came when he had never lost his composure. He told this to his father, who said that from that day every time his son will be able to hold back, he had to pull out of the fence one nail.
As time passed and the day came when the boy could tell his father that in the fence there is not a single nail.
Then the father took his son by the hand and led her to the fence: “You did well, but you can see how many holes in the fence? It will never be the same again. So when you tell a person something ill and it hurts the heart and then there will be a scar,and it will always be there, like these holes. ”

Have you ever tried any system to control anger? Did you notice the holes in your own heart? Would you be interested to learn a system of always keeping composure?


Giving Thanks

The Thanksgiving is coming, so let’s  begin it today.One of the wise men said, that a heart without gratitude is empty. I will do one post everyday on this topic to help you get ready and fill your heart.thanks-2

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30 Qualities of Awesome Person


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Green wave

622.jpgFor everyone who is on their way , have a green wave . And if something hinders you…look inside your self…is it giving you time to see the sky or chance to smile to those next to you? The life often gives us the opportunity for change that looks like an obstacle. The question is if you can see the chance…