Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 2.28.16 PM$12                                                                                                      Ruzov V.O.
People today are terribly depressed, suffering from lack of affection. They can’t even fathom that more than one kind of happiness is possible: its two variants – both feminine and masculine happiness — are available for us. The whole world is entwined with these two types of energies, and we need to learn to make the best use of them. Masculine happiness is that of steadiness, determination and providing protection. Feminine happiness is that of mercy, kindness and compassion. A wise person can make use of both of these variants of happiness according to time, place and circumstances. That is the secret. This kind of energy harnessing will make us open to spiritual development, which deals with the interaction of primary masculine and feminine energies. It is straight in our hearts that they are situated, but in order to see them, one needs to travel a challenging path of purification recommended by the sages. We wish you every success on that path! Remember to impart your spiritual experience to others!

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 The science of love is the knowledge that could formerly raise from the dead. Even in this day and age, those immersed in depression and other material problems, blossom out again, being touched by love. Today this mystery became available to all. Material love revives the body, and spiritual love revives the soul. Any feeling of love can cleanse you of karma. But in case of material love, the effect will be temporary, since everything material is temporary. Hence the conclusion – to get rid of karma forever, we need to get in touch with spiritual love.


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$12                                                                                                        Ruzov V.O.

It is said that life has four aspects: physical (bodily health), social (healthy relationships), intellectual (healthy thinking skills) and spiritual (sensible worldview), and they all require simultaneous development. Then one is sure to make steady progress and develop harmoniously as a person. The balance is the crucial underlying factor behind all other achievements. And respect also: without respect, it’s impossible neither to achieve success in any life sphere nor to impart anything to others – any kind of knowledge or whatever.

The book is intended for reader interested in personal growth and spiritual development


Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 2.28.55 PM$12                                                                                                        Ruzov V.O.

Working of miracles is a prerogative of God, not a human. Therefore, from the standpoint of compatibility, it should be understood that good relationships are not just friendly or loving relationships in our present-day understanding of friendship and love. Rather, these are relationships that simply don’t grow worse.






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