For the kind ones


Remember all the people who had been kind to you and take your time to thank them.

OR, pay it forward, and become the one who makes the day!


It’s a privilege !


Acknowledge someone’s importance in your life. To be with that person, have some place in their life is truly a privilege.

Have you ever thought about it? They give you a place, a space and some part of their life time! I can hardly imagine something  more valuable than time and attention .

Let us appreciate it today!




Potato and Swiss Chard Curry — by VEGAN FOOD FOR PEACE

Here’s a delicious and easy dish that seems, incidentally, to touch on all the reasons why I write this blog! Firstly, I’m not writing a ‘cheffy’ blog…there are people who do that incredibly well already, and I’m not one of them. I hope that I’m offering recipes that provide ordinary, everyday, tasty, nutritional, economical solutions to cooking […]

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Celery and Butterbean Gratin. — by VEGAN FOOD FOR PEACE

The star of this dish is a versatile Mediterranean-style sauce …. using preserved lemons. Gratin originated in French cuisine, and traditionally uses vegetables cooked in a cream sauce, and topped with crispy brown crust, which can be toasted under the grill. A while ago I made a jar of preserved lemons, however, you can buy […]

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Living “Well Isn’t Against the Law” e-book by V Ruzov

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Hello, Friends!

On the picture above you can see the contents of the book I was publishing from. I Have the author’s permission to publish just a few more chapters. If you are interested in getting the full content click here . Have a happy Independence Day!


Jerk refers to a style of cooking, usually of meat, that originates in Jamaica. Marinaded in a hot spicy paste, that traditionally includes scotch bonnet chillies and allspice. In the spirit of all things vegan, I thought I would try it with tempeh, which is good at soaking up flavours if you treat it […]

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