Giving thanks 21


I am very thankful for as much health as I have. Yes, not all of the systems are in the perfect shape, but I am the one who gives the input and, thus, can bring them closer to perfect. It is a matter of my decision.


Dessert or breakfast, or anything (gluten free, vegetarian)

One of my all-time favorites is cottage cheese, but I don’t buy it. When you make it the taste is very different and there are not preservatives added.

All you need is: cooking time 15-20 mins

pot or non-stick pan (my preference)




Ingredients :

4 cups  milk

2-3 tbsp lemon juice or vinegar

While milk is warming line the strainer with cheese-cloth – should have at least 2 layers

Heat milk in the pan almost to the boil on the medium fire, then lower it to min.

Pour lemon juice into milk one spoon at the time and then stir. The milk will start curdling immediately, of not all the mild curdled add another spoon of lemon juice and stir again.

When all the milk has divided into curdle and clear (yellowish) whey – turn off the fire.

Screen Shot 2016-10-30 at 3.29.41 PM.png

Then pour or ladle the whole thing into a lined strainer and rinse it with water (to get rid of lemony taste). Take out the cheese-clothe with all there is in it and squeeze it gently or leave it to drain.

If you leave it for long time or put under  press it will become very solid (paneer)- so you can cut it!

Send gratitude to the Absolute and fill your dish with love!


What can you do with it?

  • Mix with sugar, honey or jam. You can even whip it – that is dessert
  • Add milk and/or frozen/fresh berries or fruits , and may be granola – here is your breakfast!
  • This cottage cheese /paneer you can add to salads or other salty dishes. You can even add it with whatever you fry – it will not melt!
  • Great source of protein and Calcium (the last one is very important for your bone health)