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Did you know?- CELEBRATION is our duty !

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One of the duties on the path of spiritual development is not to miss important spiritual events (celebrations/festivals), as they are specially designed so that we make a breakthrough in our spiritual life! There are small spiritual breakthroughs and there are enormous ones… and today is such a breakthrough, and our mood, too, should be special.

Getting Through a Rough Patch in Your Life (chapter from “Living Well Isn’t Against the Law” by V.O.Ruzov)

img_1182Seems like, if only we could hit a lucky streak, we would live life to the max! Can it be difficult to live when all’s well, when it works like a charm; when our luck holds?

Alas, it’s not as cut and dry as it sounds. In fact, you can’t make your positive time period (a lucky streak) meaningful, if you don’t behave properly during the negative one (a losing streak). When in the midst of a losing streak, it’s impossible to get anything done. Things are going from bad to worse. People turn their backs on us… You feel like you’re crossing the mountains carrying a large burden on your shoulders. But on the plus side, you can embark on studying the science of meaningful life!

Sages say you can tell if someone hits a rough patch by his or her appearance. One walks about head down, as if overburdened with a heavy load. And indeed, at such times there is no one to help us carry our karma. In good times, we carry it together with others. Our relatives and friends, near and dear ones are always there to help us out. Their positive feelings toward us lend us wings to fly over the difficulties. They are praying for us and doing a lot of good; therefore it feels much easier than during the hard times.

You can also judge someone’s state of karma by their speech. How they say “yes” or “no” is a guide to that. If they answer firmly, apparently they are on a lucky streak. At the same time, confident behavior may as well be intrinsic to those with a lively, determined character. And if they hesitate to answer, it suggests he/she either hit a rough patch, or is a cautious, timorous personality.

The point is to understand why we walk through changes at all. Sages explain that life of a human being, like of any other material object, runs in cycles. Life is a series of changes that come in repeating patterns with a certain periodicity. So in order to accomplish a life goal, we also have to accept a sequence of changes we’ll have to go through diligently and gracefully.

In a nutshell, to meet your goals you must be open to changes. Changes are based on interactions of positive and negative life patterns. All this invigorates our consciousness and purifies our desires.

The majority of people are not ready for changes. This points to the fact that one is not mature enough to dedicate their life to a sublime goal. The more sublime the goal is, the more changes, or tough periods, you have to move through.

Many people begin studying astrology as they strive to know how to overcome tough times. They undergo various rituals, chant mantras for the planets or engage in even more esoteric pursuits which resemble more of a black art, indeed.

What we don’t understand is that life crisis is not a disaster. And it’s not the end of the world. It’s not meant for useless suffering. Rather, this is the time that requires sensible decisions to be made. The word “crisis” is exactly translated as “decision”. Every time you face a life crisis, it marks a transition between two positive periods. And it requires you to pass an exam. If you do well, you’ll be allowed to pass to the next level. This means that upcoming positive period will be rich in new interesting events.

But if we fail our exams, if we simply feel anxious and bad about everything, our next lucky streak will repeat everything that happened over the last period of good luck. Practice makes perfect.  The conclusion is that to keep our life interesting we must learn how to ace exams during exam times, or life’s rough patches. Next higher level will come then. New, interesting events will ensue.

Rough patches highlight changes in our life. Although they come with new challenges, is there anything bad in taking your education to the next level? Hence, the attempt to avoid rough patches is the direct attempt to avoid positive changes. This is not only impossible – this is simply not sensible. Struggle to avoid rough patches suggests our desire to get left back in the school of life. Change in life is inescapable for every material object. But a human being is different from all others in that he/she can understand the meaning of these changes. If we don’t have that understanding, our human life hasn’t yet started. This is why people suffer from despair so often and think life is suffering and preparing for death.

Losing streak checks our readiness to make bold, sensible decisions. The problem lies not in the losing streak itself but in the unwillingness to be determined and assume responsibility. It is for this reason that problems occur. In all other respects, a losing streak is no more dangerous than a lucky one. Anyway, we must abandon the desire to sit and wait out, hoping that difficulties will resolve themselves. It’s as good as to stay motionless in the middle of the road and shut your eyes to the oncoming car. If we don’t take effective actions, we doom ourselves to disaster that will not be long in coming.

The struggle to do so is virtually endless. It will continue throughout the whole material life. But without this struggle with oneself spiritual growth is impossible. In fact, there’s nothing negative about rough patches. It’s more accurate to say that rough patches are maturity test periods that check our readiness for new discoveries.

This knowledge is of prime importance as it protects those who are aware of it against hasty decisions and despair. At the same time, full information on negative time periods is classified as insider astrological knowledge. That’s too deep for ordinary people who are likely to find themselves shaking with fear in anticipation of these events. Fear is not the best companion, as we walk the path of life. Therefore, it’s quite sufficient to know how to manage through such hard times.

Astrologer must give a complete insight into the system of development. It is based on harmonious combination between teaching and examination periods. Proper behavior during these specified periods will make us intelligent and thus happy. It is only complete insight into the system of spiritual advancement that enables people to get rid of fears. One starts to see the glorious victory behind all the troubles.

And now let’s turn to sages for practical advice. They give us some tips on how to conduct ourselves properly.

If your strength oozes away, if you lack buoyancy during these trying times, it is suggested that you start spiritual life and become a sadhu – the one who is interested in spiritual science only. Depression strengthens and becomes chronic; people suffer torments only because they don’t know this secret. They fail test that precisely checks their skill to focus on spiritual things. Thus, remember: if your strength gave out, it’s time to become a saint. You will love this!

If you lose wealth, prosperity, money or possessions, it’s time to live like a monk, become a brahmachari, and finally, start to control your sexual drive. Remember: if there’s no money, family or members of the opposite sex by your side, there’s no room for comfort and entertainment. If money is taken away by the twist of fate, it’s time to pass the test of austerity and loneliness. Loneliness itself can’t solve problems but it can help to embark on a journey of spiritual knowledge. So keep in mind: if money is tight, time is ripe to become a student.

If crisis comes to a woman in the form of aging problems, she must become devoted to her husband and try to make him happy. In any case, later-life crisis must bring family together. Our social circle tends to become smaller in old age. Only close family members can be there to understand our condition during this time. In other words, older people are not needed by anyone, except their relatives. So it would be awfully unwise to ruin relationships by grudging behavior or nagging. Remember: old age is a sign that you must grow to love your relatives, get to like something you had no special liking for in prior years.

If crisis comes in the form of disease, we must fully surrender to the Lord. This tests our spiritual devotion. Neither physicians nor relatives can really help an ill person.  They are nothing more than instruments in the hands of fate. Powerless to help us, they can only observe how things take their course. Hence, remember: when you’re ill, it’s time to build relationship with God since everything is in His hands only.

An additional point is that in the negative period we expect sympathy from others. But our anguish doesn’t always stir up sympathy. There’s a whole category of people who are not affected by our suffering at all. It is stated in the Vedas that a manager, a doer of the law, unfaithful person, thief, youngster and a beggar can’t understand the sufferings of others. If someone in your immediate circle falls under one of those categories, don’t even expect they’ll understand your hardships. Because people don’t know these exceptions, they often get offended, as they expect sympathy from those who are not destined for that.

Expensive artwork made by a modern artist was once featured in an exhibition. It was made of plastic bags and was acknowledged as one of the top mould-breaking artworks of the year. But there was one problem: night after night new janitors would come. Each of them thought it was a heap of rubbish and threw it in the garbage. Finally, exhibition contractors were fed up with that. They had to put up a notice that said: “This is not a rubbish pile. Please don’t throw it away.” The work was sold for $50,000$.

Another case is even more astonishing. Not so long ago a woman won a court case. She brought an accusation against a man suffering from epilepsy. The woman claimed she suffered stress when she saw his face during the seizure. And the court held that the man was obliged to pay $5,000$ reimbursement for moral damages. So goes the word. Don’t put your hopes for sympathy up too high.

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The Supreme Person (excerpt from chapter 65 from 108 Ways To Become Happy by V.O.Ruzov)

file000281506260We all want to meet God, but in order to walk on this path, it is necessary to know exactly where it starts. Who can give us a guaranty that we have started this journey , and  are moving on. It is necessary to know exactly where the starting point of this path of self-realization, how does it look, in other words, how does it all begin. And  our journey to God begins from the point that we accept Him as a person. This is the very door in which we need to enter. In fact – this is the faith. Before the appearance of faith, our minds were filled up with junk memories from the past, and the past we have has been very busy, and we used to be rabbits and camels, and wise men and criminals. And all these memories are great trash pile , which is in our head. And suddenly it flashes light, the light of God’s mercy, which we get from communicating with those who have already accepted God as a Person. And it is the light of faith in the Personality of Godhead becomes our hope that we can get out of this world, in spite of all our trash in the head, which we have collected so hard for millions of births.[…]
So, today we have learned an interesting thing – the spiritual path begins with hearing about the Personality of Godhead, this is a spiritual path goes, and that is how it ends. The first question at the time of suffering – who is to blame? And now we know the answer – it is not God’s fault, it is my fault that I do not see Personality in God. And the second question always is – what to do? Learn to see the personality of God through hearing about Him from the person – a spiritual master. And spiritual teacher explains to us that to understand God’s plans is impossible, we can only accept. So do not worry too much that happens in our lives, it is improving or getting worse, we have to worry about only one thing – do I keep listening and hearing about God’s personality, or again begin to think about some silly things. Yes, a tremendous secret of spiritual practice is that no matter how we learned about the Personality of Godhead, this person will not change. So we can intercommunicate with this individual only one way – accepting it as it is. And that will be the solution to all our problems, because any problem in this world, it is either not admitting that God is a Person or a rejection of the will of the Personality. And when we realize that our problems – it is the will of God, these difficulties become a bliss for us! We do not know how God would behave towards us in the next moment – and it makes our life beautiful and amazing! This is our faith: God protects us, but in what way, through pain or pleasure – it’s His decision and we gladly accept it!

Start Your Relationship! (From a lecture by Shachinandana Swami in Boone, NC, USA)

What do you think happens when people do something for two hours a day and they are not with it? Psychology hints that if we again and again do something and are not concentrated, that activity, even if it is a good thing, will erode our personality and we become less fixed and focused. We will develop a habit of just not being there. Another result is that it will be difficult for us to come to the next step in our life and we will stagnate on our path.

I’m not saying that inattentive chanting is extremely dangerous, because we do hear in the scriptures that even by inattentive chanting, after a long, long time, there is some slight blessing. But what I’m trying to say is since we have committed to chant, we might as well turn our rounds into attentive rounds and since we are committed to glorifying Krishna in kirtana, we might as well find out how we can do good kirtana.

Good kirtana is only possible if you can relate to it – if you can enter into a relationship with Krishna in the form of His Holy Name.

A relationship cannot grow during inattentive kirtana. It cannot grow from our side and it will not from Krishna’s side. It will be a distant, formal, mechanical practice.

The kind of relationship you have to your japa and kirtana describes your relationship to Krishna. The moment you aspire for a good relationship with Krishna, you will become very focused in your kirtana and japa practice. When we meet people with whom we have no relationship, for instance during a walk in the park, we pay no attention to them. But as soon as there’s someone we have a relationship with, we greet them warmly. We immediately pay attention, even to small details.

So if you want to chant the holy name, you need to think about your relationship to him. Without a relationship to either the practice or the person whose name you chant, you will have a practice of inattention. And this distracted practice will most likely, unless you’re a stone, reflect in your other dealings. You will become an in-between species, a man or a woman who suffers from lack of focus in their life.

Spiritual life starts with sambandha, that is, when you are conscious that you have a relationship and you call out to Krishna, “Please accept me!” It’s not something mechanical. If you don’t address Lord Krishna in this way, Krishna will be like all the people in the park who you don’t even know. You won’t turn to Him. You won’t stop your ordinary life. You will not come out of your prison, which has two strong iron bars: aham (‘this is me’, false ego) and mameti (‘this is mine’). You will not even be a shadow of a devotee and you will be frustrated.

When a devotee starts realizing this, he or she will wake up and understand, “I’m in serious danger here; this won’t work for me. I now have to think.”

What you do when you see that your material desires have increased rather than decreased is you’ll wonder where you will go at the moment of death and then you’ll turn to Krishna and start making yourself dependent on him. You’ll say, “My Lord, please I’m not good, but you are very merciful. Please give me your mercy.” And you will start to allow yourself to surrender to Krishna.

What does this mean in practice for chanting? First, you start with connecting, that is you become aware. “Here I am, here’s my voice, here are my ears”, and then you chant and you hear yourself. Then, you bring your mind into the practice. You concentrate on what’s going on. You’re with it and you listen to it. And finally, you think of your relation to Krishna. You may want to address him like this: “My dear Lord Krishna, although I have forgotten you for so many long years in the material world, today I am surrendering unto you. I’m your sincere and serious servant. Please engage me in your service.” (Sri Caitanya-Caritamrita, Madhya 22.33).

Chanting with thoughts like this means establishing a relationship. It means coming from the platform of shadow chanting, which doesn’t really nourish us spiritually, to substantial or essential chanting, which will nourish us very much. And at that time, miracles can happen.